The Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light Fixture, takes LED lighting a step forward. The Modular LED Light comes with a single Day White LED “lamp” and two expansion slots for more lamps. The LED lamps easily snap into the fixture. This design allows you to choose the color combinations best for your needs and also allows you to replace LED lamps (LEDs will not last forever). This gives you all the advantages of lamps while still benefiting from the durability, low energy usage and low heat of LEDs.
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water testing

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Review of Ocean Revive & Evergrow LED Lights for Reef Aquariums

I think this is a great article, and I agree you get what you pay for, so if your gonna upgrade to LED lighting for your aquarium buy the best right off the top with the 5 year warranty, because if you have a 1 year warranty , and your light quits, you may as well stuck to your metal halide, where you need to replace your bulbs every 6 to 10 months, a lot cheaper..

My Aquarium Opinions

Revised 7/7/16

In this article, I will interview a couple of lessor known, but growing in popularity Aquarium LED light fixtures due to a Northwest aquarium forums promotion of these Chinese fixtures. These are all made in the same Chinese factory with simply different names.

[1] The Ocean Revive/Evergrow utilize better drivers than many Chinese made LEDs and are also reef capable, but at nearly 2-3 times the energy wattage input as required by a top aquarium LED (120 watts versus 30 watts for the same PUR).

What is interesting, is the owner of Ocean Revive claims: “the prototypes were built in the garage and tested on our own tanks”.
HOWEVER the Ocean Revive and Evergrow are the same LED; don’t believe me, give them a close up look!!
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The draw back to these LEDs is that they utilize current reduction technology, which can alter spectrum. This…

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Taking a poll

Hello everyone that reads this post, I’m hoping to get a lot of feed back form this post.

First off I do have a website selling Aquarium lighting and more, but I’m not here to sell you anything. the website is called, please feel free to check it out and comment on what you think I can do to improve it.

second: what type of aquarium lighting do you prefer? power compact, vho, metal halide, or led.

Please comment what type of lighting you do have and why you like it. or comment what type of aquarium lighting you don’t like.

I’m just trying to get some general information on what people like and don’t like when it comes to their aquarium lighting needs or wants.

So please leave a comment on my blog.


Reef Doser

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